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Don't drill into the front of that bumper to mount your license plate!! 

HIDE THE PLATE is a License Plate bracket that lets you mount your Front License Plate UNDER your bumper and hide it away at the push of a button or flip of the wrist!

  Questions??  EMAIL US!  info@HideThePlate.com 

We are currently moving locations so PLEASE email us with any questions!  Thank you!

Canadian and International Customers please contact us to place and order!

 Manual Hide The Plate          Motorized Hide The PLate
Manual Hide The Plate                      Motorized Hide The Plate


The Hide The Plate - Hidden License Plate Kit - is Great for cars that don't come with a Front License Plate mount, such as Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers, Porsches, Audis, BMWs, and more! Our Hide The Plate License plate kit is PERFECT for owners who frequent car shows or track events or even the weekend detailer who want to mount their front plate and then slide it away when not needed! 

California, Illinois, Texas, New York and many other states - "NO Front License Plate Tickets" can reach over $200! Let Hide The Plate help! 


Here is a video of our Hide The Plate on an Audi R8!


Hidden License Plate Video

Mike's 600 Horsepower GTR sporting a Hide The Plate!

Hidden License Plate - Hide The Plate


Our Hidden License Plate Kits fit most applications! 

GTR, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Tesla, Bentley, Dodge, Chevy, Ford, and more!


 The Hide The Plate License Plate bracket can be used as simple License plate mount too! 

Some vehicle owners just don't want to drill into the front of their beautiful front bumper!

They are great to Hide A Plate for car shows, track days, or detailing!


Please take note: This product is meant to be used for off road  / show purposes (car show / car detailing) and nothing else.

If HideTHEplate.com is informed of improper usage, we will be unable to authorize future sales to you.

Our Hidden License Plate fits most makes and models.  Easily Hide A Plate at car shows!

 We have Hide The Plate , a Hidden License Plate , Hide a Plate, and a Hide Away license plate

Acura Hidden License Plates
Hyundai Hide Away License Plates Oldsmobile Hide Away License Plates
Audi  Hidden License Plates Infiniti Hide Away License Plates Pontiac Hide Away License Plates
BMW Hidden License Plates Kia Hide Away License Plates Porsche Hide Away License Plates
Buick Hidden License Plates Lexus Hide Away License Plates Saab Hide Away License Plates
Cadillac Hidden License Plates Lincoln Hide Away License Plates Saturn Hide Away License Plates
Chevrolet Camaro  Hidden License Plates Mazda Hide Away License Plates Scion Hide Away License Plates
Chrysler  Hidden License Plates Mercedes Hide Away License Plates SMART Hide Away License Plates
Dodge  Hidden License Plates Mercury Hide Away License Plates Subaru Hide Away License Plates
Eagle Hidden License Plates MINI Hide Away License Plates Suzuki Hide Away License Plates
Ford Hidden License Plates Mitsubishi Hide Away License Plates Toyota Hide Away License Plates
Honda Hidden License Plates Nissan Hide Away License Plates Volkswagen Hide Away License Plates

Volvo Hide Away License Plates



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Manual HIDE THE PLATE License Plate Holder
Received my Hide The Plate mount and installed on 2009 Scion ..
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